Don’t Plan Another Event Without Knowing What a Fully Catered Service Can Do!

So, you’re planning an event? Congrats! But before you send out those invites, let’s chat about something crucial: food. Ever attended an event where the highlight was that mind-blowingly delicious canapé? That’s the magic of catering in New York City. And if you’re in the Big Apple, you know that the food game has to be top-notch.

Understanding Catering in New York City

New York is not just any city; it’s a gastronomic wonderland. From the spicy tang of street food to the elegant flavors of Michelin-starred restaurants, catering NYC has its game up. Remember that time your friend held a party and had those delightful cold meat appetizers? Yeah, that’s classic NYC for you.


“I remember attending a summer soiree at the Picnic House. Not only was the venue drop-dead gorgeous, but the Creole cheesecake served was something out of a dream. I mean, who knew creole cheesecake could be so… soul-touching?”

The Power of Full-Service Catering

Now, if you’re wondering about full-service catering near me, let me break it down:

  • Comprehensive Menu Choices: From cocktails to desserts, everything’s taken care of.
  • Set-up & Clean-up: So, you can actually enjoy the party!
  • Expert Advice: Customize the menu based on dietary needs or event themes.

Types of Events that Benefit Most from Catering Services

Every event is unique, but one thing’s for sure: food is the universal star.

Venues & Their Catering Needs

Different venues demand unique food setups. For instance, if you’re opting for a laid-back vibe at the Picnic House, think BBQs and summer coolers. On the other hand, a ballroom event might call for a more elegant food setup with options like cocktail catering near me.

Navigating the Catering Menu Like a Pro

Let’s dive into one of the most exciting parts of any event – the food lineup. Deciding on a menu can be a mix of thrill and confusion, especially with all those mouth-watering options out there. But no worries, I’ve got your back. Let’s break this down, bite by bite:

  • Appetizers: Starting with the first impressions here! Hot or cold meat appetizers? Think about your crowd and the vibe of the event. A winter gala might love some warm, savory bites, while a summer shindig could lean into the cooler options.
  • Signature Dishes: Every caterer has that one dish that’s their claim to fame. You might want to lean into these specialties to give your guests something to rave about.
  • Cocktail Events: Ah, the drinks! Whether you’re hosting a full-blown cocktail party or just adding a splash of fun to your event, remember that drinks can be as buzzworthy as the food. Searching for cocktail catering near me could be your ticket to a memorable evening.

Remember, the best menus reflect the spirit of the event and the tastes of the attendees.

Tips for Choosing the Right Catering Service

Here’s a checklist for all the eager event planners:


Planning an event can be daunting, but remember: it’s the memories (and the food) that people will cherish. So, before you get lost in a world of balloons and playlists, take a minute to prioritize catering. Your guests will thank you!

Getting to Know Bon Soir Caterers

Meet the culinary maestros behind some of the most talked-about events in NYC: Bon Soir Caterers. Nestled at 1421 E 63rd St. in Brooklyn, NY 11234, this team has been serving up delightful experiences for years. If you’re ever in the mood to chat about your next big event or simply explore their gourmet offerings, give them a ring at 718-763-9420.

They don’t just serve food; they craft memories, and trust me, you’ll love every bite and every moment with them!


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