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So we are back from our honeymoon and I just wanted to write you to say thank you so very, very, very much for doing such an incredible job with everything for our wedding and for being such a tremendous help over the course of the year. I’m not sure what I would have done without you!
I’ve never in my life heard people rave more about the food at an event than this one. I can’t tell you the number of people who told us it was the best wedding they have been to and that it was the best food they’ve EVER had. Also, the tent looked gorgeous so thank you for setting everything up and making sure the lighting worked! I’m so happy we had nice weather!  Seriously, thank you again for making our day so incredibly extra special!

We used Bon Soir Caterers for our pit BBQ reception and I think, more than anything else, our guests were raving about the food. They’re amazing — their appetizers are to die for, they let us customize our menu from start to finish, and had professional, courteous, and helpful staff. Jeff the owner is amazing — I would absolutely recommend working with them.

When we booked our wedding at Queens County Farm Museum they told us we were allowed to hire the caterer of your choice. After interviewing and sampling many, many caterers, I went with the caterer that Queens County Farm Museum suggests: Bon Soir Caterers. They have been in the catering and food service business for 30 years and it shows! The food was THE BEST, no joking. You have complete choice and flexibility. You can choose the linens you like. You can select the flatware, silverware, stemware – everything! They have so many different menus, and even a grilling menu, which we selected! It was sublime! Making great food is one thing. The hard part is making great food to be plated and served to over a hundred people all at the same time – that is the magic trick! Bon Soir has repeatedly shown they have honed that magic consistently time and time again. We know this since we had gone for multiple tastings prior to committing (at real-time, actual on-going affairs). And we didn’t just think so, all of our guests wanted to know who they were, where we found them and how to hire them for their own events and parties! They did EVERYTHING from setting up the table arrangements prior to the event, to running the bar, and even the clean-up as well. I did not have to worry about a thing! Queens County Farm Museum and Bon Soir Caterers WAS A GRAND SLAM!!!!

I used Bon Soir for my wedding reception held at the NYC Fire Museum. They handled everything beautifully. The cocktail hour was on a separate floor, and the food was very plentiful and absolutely delicious. Presentation was gorgeous. The bar flowed smoothly. When we reached the main reception room, all of the tables had been set up as we had discussed, with all of my requests granted. The buffet line went very smoothly, and the food was delicious. There was also never a line at the bar, which made people very happy. We have gotten rave reviews from all of our guests, who commented on how good the food was. I was also very happy that Bon Soir handled the timing of everything as we had discussed previously – I did not have to take time out of the reception to monitor anything that was going on – everything flowed very easily, which is exactly what we wanted and needed. The staff was fantastic. We could not have been happier with using Jeff Riley and the Bon Soir team for our wedding.